Making the Most of Your Weekends

Making the Most of Your Weekends

Fall Athletics at CSU

In the United States, fall is football season. On Saturdays throughout the fall semester, CSU will have home football games at the brand new, on campus stadium. Women’s soccer will also get to enjoy all the benefits of the new field. A whole new atmosphere and all new traditions have begun. On week nights, there are also women’s volleyball games – so much fun to watch! Near the end of the fall semester, basketball season will also start and that means one thing… Moby Madness.

All student tickets are free! 


CSU students cheering on Rams at home
CSU students cheering on the Rams at home – Photo by Tony Villalobos May

The Colorado State Rams are members of the Mountain West conference. The 2018 schedule has not yet been released, but to view 2017 and see CSU’s statistics, please visit their website. Game days in Fort Collins are unlike any other, and campus is filled with activities and tailgates where alumni, family, and students all gather to celebrate the opening of the new stadium and their Stalwart Rams. To learn more about stadium policies and where to purchase tickets, click here to view more information.

A map of the tailgate sections on campus can be found here.


The CSU women’s volleyball team has remained ranked 20th in the AVCA poll throughout the course of their 2017 season, and they are just getting started. To learn how to support your fellow Rams, take a look at their schedule and plan a visit to Moby Arena to see the action in person. A schedule for 2018 has not been released. 


CSU student section holding Tear 'Em Asunder flag
CSU student section during a basketball game – “Tear ‘Em Asunder” Photo by Payton Yoder

Nearing the end of your semester abroad at CSU, basketball season will begin – both men’s and women’s. Games start around the beginning of November and will continue into the new year, and hopefully into the biggest NCAA tournament otherwise known as March Madness. The website that provides the men’s schedule can be found here. To find the women’s schedule, please visit their site here. 

Additional Athletics

Colorado State has a number of athletic events to attend, simply listing them all here would be overwhelming. We love and support all of our Rams equally, so if you get the chance, go see them all! The CSU Rams website is the best resource to see what all is available. 


Old Town

Fun Fact: Main Street at Disneyland USA was modeled after Old Town!

Just a short walk from campus there are a plethora of things to do in Fort Collins’s historical district fondly called Old Town. This section of town contains restaurants, shops, art galleries, theaters, concert venues and much more. It would take you multiple weekends to explore it all not to mention seasonal events that happen in the district. Below are just a few of our favorite places and events you have to participate in while you’re here!

Aggie Theater

Photo of set on Aggie theater in fort collins
Photo by Erin Eck

Over 100 years old the Aggie Theater started out as a movie theater but is now one of Fort Collins’s best venues for live music and shows. With a ton of different genres, everything from indie to rap music (Tech Nine often performs there) it has something to interest everyone. They even host comedy show for those who don’t like music! Tickets are usually pretty affordable ranging anywhere from about 8 to 35 dollars.

Holiday Lighting Ceremony

Photo of Down town fort collins banner during the light festival
Photo by Sydney Barrett

Old Town’s Holiday Lighting Ceremony is a great way to start the winter season.  If you are looking for a fun and romantic date this is the event for you. Gathered around a giant Christmas Tree, there is free hot chocolate, cookies, and  Christmas carols. The main event is when all the twinkly Christmas lights are turned on.  This is a perfect event to get your next Instagram photo. 

We would suggest walking or taking the MAX bus to this event. It is super popular among the residents of Fort Collins, so traffic gets pretty bad if you try to drive.

MAX Route to Old town from CSU to see holiday lighting
The MAX bus is the fastest route to Old Town, but it will require you to walk a bit.

Tour de Fat

Tour de Fat
Exchange Students at Tour de Fat. Photo by Sussanah Brown

If you are from out of town, you will probably be pretty shocked when you look outside to see a Jedi, a gorilla, and Julius Cesar biking through town. Tour de Fat is a bike festival and put on by New Belgium Brewery. People get dressed up in their craziest outfits, ride through town and end up at the music festival taking place at New Belgium. The festival its self-has a number of crazy acts all ending in a fantastic concert, last years artists included the X-Ambassadors and The All American Rejects.

If you like beer this is the event for you! Even better the money raised goes to charity, so if you drink a little too much you can tell your self it was for the greater good.

X-Ambassadors at Tour De Fat Fort Collins
X-Ambassadors on stage at Tour De Fat.

Not 21? No problem you can still participate you just can’t drink-not the best case but its still really fun!

Don’t have a bike? Also not a problem, the biking portion is a bit of a free for all and people walk, skateboard, rollerblade too. If you aren’t into exercise you can just show up to the festival… we won’t tell. 

Tour de Corgi

Fort Collins Tour de Corgi
Photo by Abbie DeRosa

Likely the cutest event ever Tour de Corgi is when Corgi and other dog owners get together and parade their pets through town. Some even dress their dogs up, so if you ever wanted a picture of a puppy in a tutu now is your time, and at the end, there are pet themed booths and festivities. To make it even better this is another charity event. If you are missing your pup, this is a great way to have some fun and pet some dogs!



Enigma Escape Room

If you and some friends are looking for some excitement on your Saturday night signup to do the Enigma Escape Room. If you don’t know what an escape room is, it’s a building that has fancy rooms with a story behind them, you and your friends get locked inside, and you have 60 min to try and figure out a way to escape. You are allowed to bring nothing inside with you, so all you can rely on is your self and your friends. This is a great bonding experience for all involved and how to figure out which of your friends might actually be a spy. Tickets cost $25, and slots fill up fairly quick, so you want to book in advance.


Outdoor Activities

Hiking Horsetooth

One thing that you should add to your to-do list while studying at CSU is to hike up to Horsetooth Rock. This rock is iconic at CSU and can be seen from basically everywhere on campus. This rock sits at the top of Horsetooth Mountain and is extremely recognizable by its two horse teeth like rock formations. According to legend, the rock is actually the remains of a heart from an evil giant who was slain and cut into two by Chief Maununmoku.

Horsetooth Trail
View from one of the many Trail Breaks in the Hike

The whole hike is a total of 5 miles and is rated as a having moderate level of difficulty. Throughout the trail, there are open grasslands that are covered in yucca, cacti, and cattail (types of plants). If you are lucky, you may even see deer, fox, coyote, skunks and even mountain lions as you ascend up the trail. There are many breaks throughout the trail that allows you to stop and take a break as well as take in the breathtaking views.

Horsetooth Rock
View of Horsetooth Rock National Park from the peak

The main Horsetooth Rock Trail continues up steadily through a well defined path right up to the top. Upon reaching the peak, you are able to see stunning views of Fort Collins depending on visibility conditions.

Unless you have access to a car, it is very difficult to access the trail as there is no public transport that provides access to the start of the trail. However, during your orientation week at the start of the semester, the International Students and Scholar Services (ISSS)  provides transportation to and from Horsetooth Park Trail, as well as providing you with the opportunity to hike with your fellow international students and an experienced guide. 

Tips if you are new to Hiking:

  • This is a moderately difficult hike, however, remember Fort Collins is situated at a higher elevation than what you may be used to. If you have just flown into the USA, it is not recommended that you hike this trail as you gain about 2000 feet of elevation during the hike.
  • Make sure you have a moderate level of fitness, as you will find this hike challenging due to the high elevation
  • Drink plenty of water before, during and post the hike to reduce the chance of dehydration
  • Make sure you eat before you commence the hike and bring some snacks with you
  • Wear sunscreen and a hat

If you have any more concerns questions about the hike check out the Larimer County’s website for more information about Horsetooth Mountain Park and its activities.  

Swimming at Horsetooth Reservoir:

Not only can you hike different trails in Horsetooth Mountain Park, but there is also a large reservoir that provides a great place to swim and spend an afternoon with friends during the warmer months of the year. There are numerous spots along the edge of the reservoir where you can access the water.  

Horsetooth Reservoir
Horsetooth Reservoir

Again, similar to the Horsetooth Mountain Trails, it can be difficult to get to the reservoir without access to a car, but you can use Uber or Lyft to get there with some friends, or even go down there with some friends who have their own cars.

Map from CSU to Resevoir
Map from CSU to Reservoir


Float the river

Another activity that you can do in the warmer months of the year is to “float” down the Poudre River in blow-up tubes (tubing). We suggest that you do this ideally between July-August when both the weather and water are warmer temperatures. It is highly recommended that you only participate in this activity if you are a competent swimmer.

There are numerous spots along the river throughout Fort Collins where you can go tubing, but you should check the conditions of the river area you choose to swim in order to make sure that it’s not dangerous. If you would like to find out more about tubing down the Poudre River check out this guide.

You can also purchase your tube from the following locations in Fort Collins:



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